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Our Advantages

At GreenOlive Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. We are proud to provide our clients with many advantages. Those who work with us tend to find that we can deliver the help that they need to transform their approach to packaging moving forward. For a more sustainable packaging system that reduces ethical concerns, we give you access to a system that removes the challenge of creating packaging that is good for the customer and the environment.
What advantages can you get by working with our in-house experts in the development of environmentally friendly packaging?

1. Financial Strength

Under the powerful financial support of our shareholder, the company can expand capacity in a short timeframe, increasing investment in both talents and R&D. These are the driving forces of the persistent development of a company, and we make sure that we use our financial means to help develop and improve the situation to give our clientele the best end-result.

2. Production Capacity

We are also capable of handling vast quantities of production. If you are looking for a company that can handle packaging in massive quantities, then you can rely upon our team. At the moment, the Green Olive team can offer you help through three phased systems:

● Phase 1 Factory. With 12 automatic production line introduced at the first Phase factory with an annual output of 5000 tons and a covering area of 10,000sm.
● Phase 2 Factory. With an expected capacity of 40,000 tons per year and investment of 100 million-plus US dollars, the Phase 2 factory is expected to start construction in the second half year in 2021.
● Phase 3 Factory. Another 100 million-plus US dollars will be invested into the construction and equipment facilities of Phase 3 factory, the estimated aggregated total output will reach 100,000tons per year after all 3 phases investment completion.

3. R&D Strength

We are passionate about keeping research and development (R&D) progressing forward on an annual basis. We have a strong department that focuses entirely on the R&D side of things, helping our company to provide the promise of continual development. To do this, we look to focus on:

● R&D Investment. Each year the company distributes 30%-40% of its earnings into the research and development project of new products and innovative technology development.
● R&D Team. Green Olive has built a strong professional technical team with 30+ engineers and most of our team has been working for over 10 years in the molded pulp industry.
● Patents. With the continuous investment in R&D, we have acquired 7 patents on products and tableware equipment developments (Some of which are under application process).
● In-house Mold Design & Manufacture. In order to control quality from the source and improve efficiency, we have built our in-house molding workshop with senior tooling engineers and cutting edge CNC tooling processing equipment.

Everything that we do as part of our R&D department is managed in a way that can benefit our customers and our team long-term. We focus on R&D so as to provide tailor made molds according to customer’s requirements and ensure quick turnaround on mold modification.

4. Quality Control

We also take quality control very seriously at Greene Olive Environmental Technology. To ensure that quality never dips beyond a level we are happy with, we have focused on the following aspects of quality control:

● Raw Material. All raw materials are sourced by importing from responsible and reliable suppliers in Thailand to make sure safety and quality.
● In-house Mold Design &Manufacture. In order to provide tailor made molds according to customer’s requirements and ensure swift turnaround in mold modification, the company has built our in-house molding workshop with senior tooling engineers and cutting edge tooling equipment to control quality from the source and improve efficiency.
● Quality Control During Production. We have implemented a rigid quality control scheme in production process; defective products will be picked out to avoid flowing into the next process at each production process. The overall conformity rate of final products can achieve 95%+.
● Tests Conducted. QC Department conducts tests on final products before packing including but not limit to water and grease proof test and heavy metal detection to identify potential quality issues.
● Inspection Before Packing. Random inspection will be carried out by our QC technician before packing and shipping to meet customer’s satisfaction. This ensures that every part of the process meets your needs and fulfills your long-term objectives.

5. Qualified and Certified packaging experts in China

The Company conforms to international standards of quality and environmental management system during the production process. And meets the standard of food safety and hygiene regulations. All products have passed certified tests and we are applying to certification for compostability according to the basis for test/certification as follows:

● US: ASTM D 6400
● EU: EN13432
● AUS: AS4736

6. Unparalleled Services

Expert sales teams
We take pride in the professional team of 40 sales staff, supported by 30 senior engineers behind. This improves our response and follow up with client’s cases professionally, meaning that we can solve problems efficiently:

● We will look to respond to all ordinary inquiries in 1 hour.
● Our team will look to evaluate all quotations in 5-8 hours for customized items.

7. One Stop tailor Made Services Available

We offer one stop tailor made services for customers including product design, mold building, printing and customized packaging services. Whatever issues you might need to deal with when it comes to the development of your services, we are here to provide you with the expertise that you are looking for today.

Contact us today to evaluate what we can provide you with for a quicker, simpler, easier process when it comes to environmentally friendly, ethically sound packaging.

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