How to judge whether eco party tableware is degradable

Jun 30 2022   

In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, people's pursuit of material and spirit has become higher and higher, and higher requirements have also been placed on the packaging of products. When people buy products, they not only look at the aesthetics of the outer packaging, but also Consider other various functions. It is precisely because of the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of product packaging that many new packaging materials have been continuously applied to product packaging. Like the plastic tableware before, it has also gradually transitioned to eco party tableware.

How to judge whether eco party tableware is degradable

How to judge whether a material is biodegradable, both the world and China have issued a series of testing method standards. Since degradation is related to environmental conditions, degradable materials should be clearly marked on the product under which environment they can be completely degraded, and the production standards, materials, ingredients and other information on which they are based. The use of degradable materials does not mean that consumers can discard such products at will. Such products should be uniformly classified and recycled like traditional plastic products, and recycled and reused according to appropriate disposal methods (including physical recycling and reuse). utilization, chemical recycling and biological recycling such as composting, etc.).


Since a small part of disposable products are inevitably leaked into the environment from the closed waste disposal system in the process of use, recycling and garbage disposal, eco party tableware using fully degradable materials can also be used as a a preventive measure. In the future, with the strengthening of domestic plastic prohibition and restriction policies, continuous breakthroughs in core technologies, and gradual improvement of consumers' awareness of green environmental protection, the growth rate of market demand for degradable materials will further increase, which is conducive to the realization of a real virtuous cycle of use and green development.


In addition, some people worry that biodegradable materials will release more harmful gases when landfilling, but many modern landfills currently use some devices that can collect biogas for energy recovery during the landfill process, even if there is no recycling, there are corresponding Biogas release measures after organic waste landfill. With less than 7% solids of plastic in landfills and less than 1% of conventional plastics present in biodegradable materials, speculation that landfills would be more harmful is unfounded.

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