How to use degradable disposable flatware sets to replace plastic pollution

Dec 07 2021   

Since the invention of plastic, plastic has quickly become one of the main materials for human life and production because of its easy plasticity, low weight, and low cost. Today, plastics are widely used in medical equipment, packaging materials, household appliances and construction equipment.

Since the degradation of plastics is very slow, and the plastics with disposable flatware sets need hundreds of years to decompose, the current "white pollution" has become one of the most important problems in the global ecological environment.

disposable flatware sets

The point is that in recent years, with the rapid development of the catering industry and the express delivery industry, the disposable cutlery bulk required for take-out and express delivery packaging such as tapes, straws, and plastic bags has been increasing, and most of the disposable plastic waste cannot be effectively treated. , Thus becoming the new white garbage.


Since the issuance of the "plastic ban", it will be clearly stipulated that cutlery set disposable will be gradually banned in my country. It has become a global trend to use less or even ban non-degradable plastics. What materials should be used instead of plastics?

disposable cutlery bulk

Longyan Green Olive Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech environmental protection enterprise with plant fiber production technology as the core and integrating R&D, design, production and sales.

Our team is committed to continuous improvement of packaging solutions with disposable cutlery bulk as the main focus to help us achieve our mission of maintaining sustainable, safe and ethical packaging. We are committed to changing and improving the environment and protecting human health by providing the most innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

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