Is customized best biodegradable utensils environmentally friendly?

Dec 10 2021   

Best biodegradable utensils means that the materials used are harmless to the human body, non-toxic, tasteless, easily degradable, and have no pollution during manufacturing, use and destruction. The product quality fully meets the national food hygiene requirements. After the product is used up, it is easy to recycle, easy to dispose or Food container with characteristics such as easy to absorb.

Because its product quality meets the national food hygiene requirements, it has received increasing attention from food consumers. And more and more merchants are aiming at the environmental protection psychology of diners, and they have launched a variety of environmentally friendly tableware, which soon became the darling of the catering packaging market. A lot of problems with best biodegradable utensils followed.

best biodegradable utensils

There are some degradable lunch boxes on the market that are fake. Not only may it not be able to meet the degradation requirements, but some of the tableware marked with biodegradable safety is also worrying.

In addition to the prevalence of fake-degradable tableware, real-degradable tableware also has a series of problems such as poor safety performance, additives with adverse effects, and easy mold and rot during storage.

China has made specific regulations on the various properties of plastic tableware. This is equivalent to the recognition of the legal status of best biodegradable utensils.

best biodegradable utensils

Paper tableware is an environmentally friendly tableware that can be used by people instead of metal and plastic, which is made by vacuum absorption of paper pulp with molds, drying, and deep processing. Many people believe that paper tableware is environmentally friendly and hygienic, resistant to high temperatures, resistant to deformation and leakage, and non-toxic and harmless.

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