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90mm Natural sugarcane bubble tea lid, cold cup lid

Item No: GO-CR90
SKU: GO-CB210011


Available in a wide range of serving sizes from 12 oz to 20 oz cups. The bagasse dome bubble tea lid is a biodegradable lid made in China.
  • ● 20000PCS MOQ
  • ● Non-wood plant fiber sugarcane pulp paper
  • ● For beverage, milk tea and coffee to go, suitable for cold drinks
  • ● Meets ASTM requirements for compostability
  • ● Capacity cups for 12 oz; 14 oz; 16 oz; 20 oz
  • ● Custom options available from 50mm to 150mm, with embossing / debossing pattern and font logo
Produt Details Product Parameter

Great to use as a espresso cups, cafe, coffee, milk tea, juice, or other beverages

Advantages from GREENOLIVE 8oz coffee cup lids, dome lid


● 100% tree and plastic free, made from sustainable resources -  

   100% made from plant biomass such as sugarcane bagasse and bamboo pulp, 100%

   renewable and reclaimed resources, from nature and back tonature


● Biodegradable & Compostable both in the home and commercial facilities-

   Healthy, Non Toxic, Harmless and Sanitary. All our products are green , compostable,

    disposable and eco friendly to the environment. Our products can be 100% degradable

    under natural conditions in 90-100 days. Works just as well for landfills too.


● Compost Certified-

   DIN CERTCO (DIN EN13432:2000 and ASTM D 6400:2019)


● Waterproof & Oil Proof -  

   Not leakage with hot water (90±5℃) 

     90mm Bubble tea lid from GREENOLIVE manufacturer



Cold cup lid, Bagasse coffee cup lids manufacturer-GREENOLIVE-Bubble tea lid     

● Microwaveable & freezer safe - 

   Temperature withstand from -20℃ to 135℃, Perfectly suited for serving hot and cold



 ● Food Grade & Health Standard -  

    Pesticide and PFOA+PFOS free. Passed food safe test report. Comply with Resolution

    AP (2002)1 Table1: Heavy Metals Table2: PCP.


 ● Unique concave and edge design -

    With unique concave and smooth edge design, leak proof, Intimate craft design,

    waterproof, Impermeable


 Storage conditions -  

    Store providing protection from humidity, direct exposure to sunlight and insect sources





GREENOLIVE holds the compostability certification in the sector-DIN CERTCO, all our product range are disposable, after use can be degraded in a short time after light and microbial action.Besides, we hold the food safety related inspection reports and certificates required by the industry.

GREENOLIVE- BRC certificate

GREENOLIVE- ISO certificate


GREENOLIVE- BSCI certificate

GREENOLIVE- FDA certificate

GREENOLIVE- LFGB certificate

GREENOLIVE- BPI certificate





Longyan Green Olive Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is the molded pulp packaging manufacturer for compostable biodegradable packages. Our cartering disposables, molded pulp packaging and paper cosmetic packaging are made from plant fiber materials.


We specialize in the design, manufacture and distribution of compostable packaging products, with a wide range of consumer packaged goods(consumer electronics, cosmetic, etc.) and e-commerce applications. We are one-stop sustainable eco packaging solutions supplier, using only the best techniques, tactics, and technical designs to deliver the best results, the greatest consistency, and the most reliable packaging for commercial purposes.




Modern Automated

Factory Plant


GREENOLIVE production base was designed and built according to

industry hygiene and safety standards and in accordance with the

requirements of BRC, ISO9001 & ISO 14001 standards for the

production of food packaging.

GREENOLIVE holds the compostability certification in the sector-the

most widely used compostability standards European EN13432 and

the American ASTM D6400.


      GREENOLIVE dust-free automated factory plant



GREENOLIVE superb quality control for molded pulp packaging      


Quality Control


All raw materials are sourced by importing from responsible and

reliable suppliers in Thailand to make sure safety and quality.

GREENOLIVE has implemented a rigid quality control scheme in

production process; ensure the overall conformity rate of final

products can achieve 95%+.





Environmental and



With advanced scientific formula and cutting edge

automatic equipment and technique, GREENOLIVE

made from natural plant fibers pulp like sugarcane

bagasse and bamboo pulp, which are tree free,

carbon neutral, environmental friendly, compostable

and biodegradable. It's a new environmental

product with full of potential considering global

plastic restriction under scenarios of climate change

and plastic pollution.

         GREENOLIVE-bagasse products-eco friendly and plastic free        


Qty / Cs.






Per pack 






Packs per case





Product dimensions





        Total diameter:  95mm                       

        Height:  38.2mm

        Weight:   5.5g±0.65g 

        Capacity:  Suitable for 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 20oz cold cups


Case dimensions  





        Length:    400mm                                                                                                                                               

        Width:     310mm

        Depth:     490mm                                                                                                                                               

        Volume:   0.0608m3



Case Weight




        Gross weight:   6.5kg                                                                                                                                                     

        Net weight:   5.5kg


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