8 Design Style of Sugarcane Bagasse Plant Fiber Cup Lids

Aug 19 2021   

Simply speaking, it's the utilization of naturally grown sugar cane, using advanced technology to extract fiber then hot pressing process to form the merchandise, the staple doesn't contain any metal, plastic components, no added talc and other chemical ingredients. Bagasse products are 100% biodegradable and compostable.  They're natural fibre products and it can biodegrade in 90days. When bagasse products degrade, they supply natural ingredients back to environment since they're made up of natural, organic and renewable materials. Compared with the non-degradable plastic cup lid, it are often 100% degraded within the soil eventually.
Sugar cane may be a natural resource, no burden to the environment, safe for physical body, and may be a natural resource, no additional burden to the world, green and environmental protection.

sugarcane biodegradable paper lids for cups

Paper cup lids are employed by many people a day and are essential to enjoy beverages on the go. The bagasse lids from Green Olive are a superb sustainable alternative to plastic lids. They're made up of renewable plant-based fibers, contain no plastic coatings and offer a sustainable choice for people to drink hot and cold beverages.

These top quality eco lids are great for any takeaway or cafe looking to guard environment. made up of sugarcane bagasse pulp, which are perfectly suitable for decent or cold drinks, fit our 8oz and 12oz bio cups or paper cups that also are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They will be used widely in cafe, beverage store, restaurant then on. All quite size can fit single, or double wall cups.
There are 80mm, 86.5mm and 90mm white or natural color paper lids in our factory. 80mm paper lid is for 8oz eco cup, 90mm lids for 12oz cup. We've much experience in food grade disposable paper lids. Our paper lids are sold to all or any over the planet and popular by the worldwide people.

Molded pulp bagagsse paper lids

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