Sustainable Disposable Tearing 4 Cup Carry Trays

Aug 19 2021   

sustainable paper cup holders

Our tearing cup carry holders are perfect for carrying hot and cold drinks, and both 2 & 4 cups carriers. Made of Recycled paper, our cup coffee cup holders are designed to make carrying your drinks easier. With superior stability and moisture resistance, our disposable cup holders are perfect holding for hot or iced coffee, smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream floats, and more! No need to fear rainy weather! Our cup holders for drinks are moisture resistant, withstanding bad weather conditions, leaks.
When you're done using our cardboard cup holders simply toss them in the garbage for quick and easy cleanup. The multi-compartment holder helps evenly distribute weight of the cups and even supports the tray’s stability when only one side is in use. The stackable design of our single-use beverage transport racks helps save space. Perfect for food delivery services, uber eats, door dash, stadiums, coffee shops, juice bars, diners, restaurants and more!
Main components and advantages of disposable biodegradable cup holders:


The raw materials are waste paper pulp or renewable fibers such as bamboo, sugar cane, recycled corrugated pulp etc., which are widely available and inexpensive and do not use wood at all.

No waste water is produced in the production process, no external discharge.
The product is waterproof.
The product can be completely degraded in the natural state within 45-90 days, home composting, the main component of the degradation is organic matter, will not produce any waste residue and pollution.

As a packaging container with buffering, pressure resistance, shockproof, etc., can effectively protect the products being packaged

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