Advantages of using custom paper coffee lids

Dec 25 2021   

The global catering industry is reducing the use of non-degradable disposable plastic products. So the strawless cup lid was put into use, and there must be someone who did not cover the lid tightly and spilled the drink.

We have a fully automatic paper coffee lids production line, which specializes in the sealing problem of cup lids, so that you don’t have to worry about spilling the beverage in your palm.

paper coffee lids

1. Sealing degree of custom paper coffee lids:

Because the cup lid and the cup body ring are not tightly closed, the problem of beverage spills is not uncommon, which seriously affects the overall image of the product and the user experience.

In order to overcome this common technical problem, the automatic paper coffee lids production line continuously innovates the production process, adopts a new type of paper cup lid structure, so that when the cup body is combined with the cup lid, the annular groove of the cup lid is against the flat cup rim of the cup body , So that the annular groove can be locked and fixed with the flat cup rim, so that the cup cover and the flat cup rim form a stable buckle, so that the cup cover can be fixed with the cup body as a whole and not easy to fall off, so as to increase the structural strength of the overall paper cup. Make it more stable, safe and durable, effectively reducing leakage.

custom paper coffee lids

2. Production and quality of custom paper coffee lids:

According to statistics, McDonald’s consumes 10 billion plastic cup lids every year, Starbucks 6.7 billion per year, the United States 21 billion per year, and the EU 64 billion per year. With the implementation of plastic restrictions and the prosperity of the takeaway industry, paper coffee lids worldwide The demand will rise at a high speed.

We are a manufacturer of biodegradable coffee lids. If you have any enquiry or need to purchase custom paper coffee lids, you can contact us.

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