What is the cause of the custom coffee lid's loose sealing?

Dec 24 2021   

Today, I will talk about the reasons for the poor sealing of the coffee lid. Of course, the sealing of the water cup should be done and done well in every coffee cup lid. This is the most basic requirement.

Then why the coffee lid is not well sealed or even poor? Some cup lids are not sealed when they leave the factory. What is causing this?

custom coffee lid

The main reasons that usually cause the custom coffee lid to be poorly sealed are as follows:

1. The coffee lid sealing water design is unreasonable. The unreasonable design includes the defects in the engineering design, the problems in the mold development process, and the problem of substandard production technology.

2. The coffee lid and the cup body are deformed, causing the cup lid and the cup body to not completely match.

3. Deformation or aging of the sealing function will cause the sealing to fail to achieve the sealing effect.

4. The coffee lid environment will also cause poor sealing of the lid, but this happens rarely, mainly because of the large air pressure difference between the inside of the cup and the outside of the cup.


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