Bagasse turns Waste Into treasure into paper cup holders

Oct 12 2022   

The disadvantages of disposable plastic cup holders are not degradable and environmentally friendly, and people have criticized them. Environmental protection materials that can replace plastic to make disposable cup holders are also constantly being explored.


At present, disposable environmentally friendly paper cup holders are the first choice to replace disposable plastic cup holders in terms of environmental protection.


paper cup holders


The disposable environmentally friendly paper cup holder made of non-toxic, harmless, clean, and non-polluting materials that comply with national food-grade hygiene and safety standards and environmental protection regulations and no added standard raw materials are not only safer and healthier to use, but also degradable and more environmentally friendly.


The main raw material of the disposable paper cup holder is pulp, and the pulp is mainly obtained from wood.


However, with the increasing consumption of wood and the increasing cost of wood pulp, a strange phenomenon has emerged - disposable environmentally friendly paper cup holders on the market are not widely used.


Sugar cane is sweet from beginning to end


So is there a material that also plants fiber?


Instead of wood pulp?


Sugar cane pulp!


Sugarcane pulp is also a kind of paper pulp. It is made of sugar cane bagasse as raw material and is prepared into a certain concentration of pulp through hydro pumping, high-temperature disinfection, and other processes.


This sugarcane pulp is a naturally degradable, compostable plant fiber material!


Sugarcane bagasse is made into sugarcane pulp, which can save a lot of wood, and meets the requirements of the world's circular economy and environmental protection policies, making sugarcane sweet from beginning to end!


Sugarcane pulp as a cup holder


Sugarcane pulp is cheaper than wood pulp, which can make up for the short board in the cost of wood pulp, but there are still many problems to be solved to make sugarcane pulp into cup holders. For example, are the finished cup holders really degradable? Does the microwave work? Is it waterproof and oilproof?


These seem to be many and small, but they are problems that producers cannot ignore, and are directly related to whether their sugarcane pulp cup holders can be recognized by the market.


Strength + appearance = green olive sugar cane pulp cup holder


Green olive sugar cane pulp tableware uses sugar cane bagasse as raw material, instead of traditional petroleum-derived plastic or foam.

90-100 days under natural conditions.


Our disposable cup holders are fully degradable to carbon dioxide and water within 90-100 days under natural conditions, are also suitable for landfill, and are compostable and degradable.


The bottom of the cup holder can be degraded in only 1 month, which is worthy of being recognized as a 100% environmentally friendly degradable cup holder in the world!


The Green Olive Cane Cup Holder is not only so eco-friendly but also very safe and practical.

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