Australia's first takeaway plastic ban will be implemented in Western Australia, and the price of your daily "life-saving coffee" will increase again!

Oct 21 2022   

According to Australian media reports, Western Australia will become the first state in Australia to phase out plastic takeaway coffee cups and lids next year, replacing them with bagasse coffee cups and bagasse coffee cup lids. And it warned that this would lead to higher prices for daily coffee drinks.


bagasse coffee cup lids


In addition, bags used in supermarkets for fruit and vegetables, microbeads in beauty products, cotton swabs with plastic shafts, polystyrene cups, and packaging will also be included in the ban.


The McGowan government said the second phase of its single-use plastic ban would begin in February, with a transition period of between six and 18 months, depending on the product, before it was implemented, The West Australian reported.


WA uses 182 million coffee cups a year, which could be replaced by reusable 'retain' cups, cafes' 'replace and use' schemes, or cardboard-lined disposables, according to a consultation paper released last week. Cups are replaced. The document, released by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, estimates that low-plastic coffee cups cost 30 percent more than the plastic-lined cups currently in use.


Meanwhile, takeaway coffee cup lids must be bagasse coffee cup lids made from paper or bagasse (a by-product of sugar cane). The previously announced ban on plastic cups and beverages for cold drinks will come into effect on October 1.


Warren Reynolds, chairman of Muzz Buzz, has begun replacing plastic coffee cup lids with biodegradable alternatives (bagasse coffee cup lids) from China and Vietnam.


In addition, the price of coffee beans has risen by about 40% in the past year, and the price of milk will increase by another 25% in December. "This has to be passed on to the customer ... we can't digest it or the retailer will go out of business."


Reynolds supports attempts to reduce plastics, but he said coordination should be done with other jurisdictions that are still years away from introducing similar bans.


Australian Retailers Association chief executive Paul Zahra praised WA's "leadership" but said it was important to fully inform businesses to source more sustainable products. "This is especially important for small businesses in the state, who may have limited resources in sustainability and need additional support to continue moving away from single-use plastics," he said.


A spokesman for Environment Minister Rhys Whitby said the transition period would allow businesses to use up existing stocks before the ban was implemented. Disposable coffee cups and lids produced by bagasse are good substitutes for plastic disposable coffee cups.

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