Bagasse is changed into packaging, Green Olive actively implements the "plastic ban"

Oct 17 2022   

The natural environment is the home where human beings live, and ecological needs are the most basic needs of human beings. In recent years, the trend of banning plastics has prevailed, and countries have continuously upgraded the disposal methods of plastics to limit the number of plastics used. The packaging industry is also constantly developing new technologies and looking for new products that can replace plastics. In the process of looking for environmentally friendly materials, more and more companies are focusing on the bagasse after sugar extraction in the cane sugar industry. Green Olive bagasse packaging manufacturers found that "cellulose and lignin in bagasse are good industrial raw materials. That is, by refining, modifying, and molding the waste residue from sugar extraction, it can be made into degradable tableware and packaging materials.


Green Olive bagasse packaging manufacturers use renewable and sustainable plant fibers: bagasse and bamboo pulp materials as raw materials to produce products, the products are 100% fully degradable, beautiful in appearance, strong in toughness, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, waterproof, oil-proof, free of Poisonous and tasteless. We hold the industry's compostable certification - DIN CERTCO, and all our product ranges are single-use and can degrade in a short period of time under the action of light and microorganisms after use. In addition, we hold food safety-related inspection reports and certificates required by the industry.

Modern automated bagasse packaging manufacturer


The GREEN OLIVE production base is designed and built in accordance with industry health and safety standards and in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO 14001 food packaging production standards. GREEN OLIVE holds the most widely used composting standards in the industry, European EN13432, and US ASTM D6400 composting certification.


The first phase of the workshop covers an area of 10,000 square meters. There are warehouses and offices. The first-phase factory has an annual output of more than 5,000 tons, with a large-scale production capacity. We expect the annual production capacity will reach 40,000 tons when the second phase is put into operation in 2022. If you are looking for a high-volume bagasse packaging manufacturer, you can rely on our team.


Green Olive bagasse packaging manufacturers As experts in the environmental technology industry, we are passionate about making the world a safer and more progressive place. To that end, we want to leverage our expertise in environmental standards to create safer and more ethical packaging for consumer products. Our teams span various fields and specialties and want to provide our clients with the right solution for each specific purpose.

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