What is the future development of bagasse (pulp molding) cup holders?

Oct 14 2022   

The launch of environmentally friendly material cup holders# Under the policy of the plastic ban on substitutes, cup holders of various environmentally friendly materials are of all kinds, and the quality is uneven. Some companies even sell cup holders with non-degradable materials to deceive consumers by claiming that they are environmentally friendly. We believe that sugarcane pulp and the straw pulp will become the perfect substitute for plastic. The product comparison is as follows: Product comparison #Biodegradable pulp molded cup holder Fully degradable packaging consumables, originating from nature and returning to nature The perfect substitute for the use effect: it has the characteristics of cushioning, pressure resistance, shock resistance, etc. Product features: it will not produce any garbage residue or pollution, and it is an environmentally friendly container from nature, a Bagasse cup holder. # Raw material comparison The raw materials are waste paper pulp or renewable straw fibers such as wheat, reed, straw, bamboo, sugar cane, palm, etc. In terms of straw pulp with a wide range of sources, sugar cane pulp is a natural and highly concentrated fiber raw material. Moreover, the product can be fully degraded within 90 days in its natural state, and can also be composted at home and in industry. The main components after degradation are water and carbon dioxide, and the important thing is that they will not produce any garbage residue or pollution. On the contrary, non-degradable plastic tableware will produce a lot of harmful substances, pollute the environment and damage human health.

Biodegradable plastic products Products with harsh natural degradation conditions: PLA, PBAT, PHA, and other materials Market positioning: To a certain extent, it can replace non-biological plastics, but the raw materials are currently expensive. Use effect: It has good biocompatibility and absorbability, and good heat resistance. Product features: The degradation conditions are harsh, and most products cannot be completely degraded.

Non-degradable products cannot be naturally degraded. Plastic products that are required to be restricted in the plastic restriction order Materials: PP, PE, PET, and other materials Market positioning: used for traditional plastic products such as rice cooker handles, pipes, cable cladding, etc. It is no longer applicable to the tableware field. Use effect: good heat and cold resistance and material ductility. Product features: non-biodegradable, the degradation process is extremely slow and requires harsh environmental conditions. After incineration, it will pollute the environment and endanger human health, which is the reason for the implementation of plastic bans in many countries around the world.

Future trends, First of all, non-degradable plastic cup holders will be banned in the world, an area that needs to be cracked down at present. New materials such as PLA have also become popular recently, but many businesses have reported that the cost has increased. Sugarcane pulp and straw pulp are not only cheaper than new environmentally friendly materials such as PLA and PBAT in terms of raw material prices, but also with the production of output and market scale, the price will be lower and lower. In the future, sugarcane pulp will be one of the main materials to replace plastics. 2. Our products# Product positioning New materials and packaging can give new life to products New materials = new packaging = new products = growth point of corporate profits# Application scenarios: supermarkets, restaurants, fresh fruit, and vegetable distribution, takeaways, milk tea shops, dine-in Packaging, etc...# Product Advantages Raw materials are naturally degraded and will not produce any garbage residue and pollution. The Bagasse cup holder is an environmentally friendly container from nature. The product adopts a special process, and there will be no peeling or wrinkling after use. , leakage phenomenon. It can also be microwaved to 120°C, refrigerated to -20°C, and waterproof and oil-proof without pressure. Complete qualifications, advanced technology, with more than 100 patents. As a customized service provider of fully degradable packaging consumables, we can provide environmentally friendly lunch boxes such as hot chain, cold chain, and hot and cold chain, which can withstand high temperatures and freezing, and meet the needs of customers in different application scenarios.

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